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August 29, 2010


Rita Hartjes

Dear Ted,

I am sorry you are not feeling well.Thank you for the music and the Address for the Students of Music.I am so glad for the explanation of what music is. Now I understand myself better and realize why I go to different kinds of music in different situations. Ted you are not alone, suffering right now, I know all about it, and will send good Karma your way. Bless you, Rita


sometimes when people say they've been there they're not necessarily telling you to get over it, they're actually sympathizing and empathizing. don't forget that.

and saying so, i do hope things settle out for you to where you have far less stress. you do need a break.


My life is just coming together. It's only now that I realize it was off the rails for the past five years.

It goes in cycles. The wheel will turn and things will get better for you again. I've learned this: breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.


Dear Ted,

I'm sorry to hear you've been struck down with the crud. It's never fun but a summer cold always feels so unfair. I do hope you recover soon. Many hugs.


Ted, I hope things improve for you, starting with your cold disappearing. I enjoy your blog posts, however infrequent, so please keep them coming - thoughtfulness is in short supply these days.


Ted...thanks so much for the lovely musical interlude. A perfect demonstration that even at your lowest point, there is something about you that puts good things out into the world.

Sending lots of caring thoughts for healing and hope during this trying time.

However, I think the blogging surge has passed us. I still blog, but not nearly as often as I used to.


It is, of course, always good to hear from you, never mind the gap. Doesn't really matter if someone else has been there, done that, since they're not the ones going through it at that moment. Unfortunately, part of what makes a crisis a crisis is that we don't get to choose them and even if we have planned for them, they show us all the things we didn't prepare for.

Hope to get to see you at Rhinebeck.


Just for the record, the plural of neurosis is neuroses (pronounced nur oh sees. I do hope you are getting out from undertheweather. Sounds like you are dealing with things well.


I can totally relate to your post. I am also going through some tough family times and while I'm sure they're not unique, I feel very alone and drained.
About the tinnitus---is it related to being sick? If not, I have read that there is a connection to hypothyroidism (along with some of the other symptoms you mentioned). Always worth a check :) If you have another explanation, let me know as I've noticed it coming back too.

anne marie in philly

missed you...sorry to hear that your life is not 100% great right now. you can always show us some yarn porn, though...

we will be here when you feel like posting. get well soon, friend ted!

Diane in Chico

"... been there, got the T-shirt." Wait, some people got a T-shirt??

Get well soon. Summer colds are the worst.

Fiber Ninja

It pains me a great deal when a friend is having such a tough row to hoe in the garden of life. It's easy for any of us to say 'no posts lately'. If we aren't the ones going through a rough time, we can't possibly know what you feel; we can only sympathize/empathize with the situation you're going through. Your friends and loyal readers will be here to read and comment whenever you're ready to post.


sorry things have been so rough for you lately. sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


Hugs. Sounds like you need some.

And don't make the overwhelm worse by beating yourself up about how you are dealing with it. Stuff is hard for your right now. It's okay to be tired and discombobulated and not have the energy for blogging.

If you e-mail me your snail mail address, I will send a card. I have met some artists lately and have a stack of beautiful cards right here on my desk waiting to come and cheer you up :-)

Hope the fish was good. It sounds really nice. Will have to try it sometimes. (And this is the season for all tomatoes all the time.)

Deborah Robson

It's good to hear from you, whenever you feel like sending out a message in a bottle, or on the electrons. Love that yarn.

I just spent seven straight days (with more to come) facilitating the taking of photographs of a bunch of yarn I'm embarrassed to have spun. Mostly because I had so little time with each fiber--not enough to do more than the equivalent of a thirty-second charcoal sketch, rather than a polished portrait. And I have another three days of the same to go.

Anyway, it's a delight to see your yarn, and I hope your supper was good and you are already feeling much better.


Feel better soon, Ted! I too have been overwhelmed with life issues (new babies! sleeplessness! cleaning up after a toilet-training toddler!) to post much of anything. You just do the best you can in whatever is important at the time, the rest can wait.

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That is incredibly beautiful, Ted! You will so rock your classes at the MSKR....


Ted - We'll miss you at NY Sheep and Wool, but if you do manage to make it, please stop by the Ewe & Me booth - my Mom & I both love seeing you & your exquisite lace.

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