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September 28, 2010


Jeannine Bakriges

It's VERY nice, Ted!
Spider Chick


Very pretty yarn. Steven (HizKnits) was telling me about it at OFFF when he was snarfing down his lunch between shifts at BMFA. You do such a nice job.

anne marie in philly

it is STILL nice to see the fall colors...none down here yet, it's been to warm.

doesn't joe look pretty wearing your yarn!

Diane in Chico

I love the view from your home. The yarn you made is lovely (what a nice gift!).

I think one can take the same picture over and over (I've done it), and the feel of it changes with the seasons. Your Summer into Fall pictures are good illustrations!


What a lovely blog you have. I just went back though many posts and was completely entertained. And you have very talented. I am glad I found this.

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