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October 23, 2010


Diane in Chico

Another success! I'm glad you are knitting again and sharing with us.

Jeannine Bakriges

Spider Chick

Deborah Robson

Beautiful, Ted. Thanks for sharing both process and photos. The break in the written pattern may be intended to make the design more accessible for less proficient lace knitters than the likes of you! I like your modification a lot.

Still missing the Tongue River Icelandics (I was actually thinking that as I was editing the Icelandic pages in the book just now).


That's really beautiful. Congratulations on such a lovely finished project.


I love a good straightforward triangle shawl. Lovely project.

anne marie in philly

VERY nice; the woman who is blessed with this shawl is a lucky one indeed!

megan by the sea

What a lovely shawl! You create such beautiful things!

Linda Grigg

Fascinating. I love reading about the technical side-so much knowledge (including this blog).


I like how you say " I decided to knit her a small something...". As if this can even be described as "a small something". LOL.
It's beautiful, dude.

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