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October 11, 2010


Deborah Robson

Gorgeous shawl! (The trees are working on matching it.) Love that clog pattern. Have a wonderful time at your brother's.


Nice idea for the sprouts. I usually do mine real plain, halved and roasted in some butter in the oven, with salt and pepper. Also good!


I haven't had brussels sprouts since we left Chilliwack. I think it's because, out there, all the unharvested ones would lie around all winter in the mud and, well, the smell was not appetizing. :P

But yours do sound yummy. :)


Boy those trees wasted no time in losing their leaves.

Pretty little shawl.

Barb B.

The rest of your Thanksgiving dinner will likely be lovely. However, I would walk 100 miles or more to stay away from the brussel sprouts. A waste of bacon. Sorry! but they "squish" in your mouth ...
Looking forward to the post on the shawl. hope your TD was a great one!

Fiber Ninja

The brussels sprouts sound divine. The spouse wouldn't eat them until I properly cooked some for him while we were dating. He tried them just to be polite, and much to his surprise he liked them when prepared differently than just boiling/steaming the suckers. He and the 8-year-old gastronome now request them. I'll share mine, if you'll share yours!!


Mmm the sprouts sound delicious! I love, love that shawl.


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