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March 20, 2011


L.M. Cunningham

"except for casting-on more stitches than called for, making a minor pattern substitution, changing the shapes of the ends and middle point, and changing the decrease rate to alter the shape of the design, I followed the instructions exactly as written."

Yeah, you didn't do much tinkering with it at all. :-)

Thanks for the laugh, Ted -- I really needed one today!


Very nice to see your changes and hear about the process!


What a touching post. Glad to read that you feel better. Guess we all go to stages in life which sometimes are hard and difficult. You should be really proud of yourself!!
And a little coicidence: I am knitting the Lehe square shawl from Nancy Bush which has the same border pattern.


Honey, your work is always a wonder and an inspiration. I'm not gonna pry but I'm happy to hear the soul mining is working and producing such lovely, lovely fruits.

I'm so excited I get to see you in May!!!

Deborah Robson

Welcome back to knitting. Sometimes breaks in sustenance happen. I'm so glad you have reconnected, and thank you for sharing the details. Those triangular tips are especially sweet, and I like the shaping along the long side. We could mumble about the center points, but I like your pointed variant. It has a lot of grace.

Again, thanks for exploring all these options and sharing the photos. Most lovely.


Welcome back to knitting. I'm with the counsellor. It was a bit worrying that you weren't doing any. Glad you are back to it. And with a vengeance -- spinning the yarn, modifying the pattern...

That shawl is gorgeous.


I've often thought that knitting and reknitting something like Ene's would be a lovely kind of meditation. This is delightful and inspiring - thank you!


So glad to see your kniting....


Thanks for sharing. You seem to be where you want to and should be. Your knitting always inspires.

Michele Minty

Ted you are such a lovely knitter and I love the scarf you so generously gavee to me, Michele


Beautifully spun, modified and knit!


I like the full-diamond tip shape much better than the blunt form.
The women who wear small shawls as neckerchiefs with the point in front don't seem to mind the point. Maybe that could be a design difference - blunt shawl tip, but pointed shawlette tip. I think the extended tips would be easier to wear in both forms.


Ted-I had no idea how intricate your work is! Sarah. From OW! We miss u by the way!

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