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May 08, 2011



We will have an excellent time, I promise. Having you come to NYC makes me do things like going to the Cloisters that I haven't done in years. Born in Manhattan, never been up the Empire State Building. Go figure.


I am going to miss you at this year's retreat! :( Please say hello to all from me. And about your hair... I think it looks sexy! ;)e-


I'm going to miss seeing you & everyone else at MSKR. Hope you have a wonderfully wondrous time. Someday you really so need to make your way up to Maine.

L.M. Cunningham

A "wine connoisseur" eh? I'm going to have to hire you to do my PR.... :-) ("Wino" maybe....)

We also went to the Grimsby Wayzgoose to check out fine bookbindings, letterpress printing, engravings, typography, and (shhhh) papermaking, and to eat a mighty tasty lunch.

Haven't laughed so long or hard for a goodly while: look forward to seeing you again in fewer than fifteen more years!

Deborah Robson

Thanks so much for the photos. I know both you and Linda through these online connections, and seeing bits of the community come together in real life is always a kick. Love Linda's t-shirt! And I love your knitting-induced smile, and that you are going to the retreat. Have a fantastic time.

anne marie in philly

I think you look FABULOUS!

and since I simply cannot rearrange my work schedule around your podcast, I will just HAVE to listen to it later. I don't think my boss would appreciate my using worktime to listen to a knitting romp.

best of luck with the retreat, you lucky boyz!
(still jealous after all these years!)

Kyle Kunnecke

that is the most ADORABLE photo of you knitting... love love LOVE it! Wish I had been at the retreat to visit with you... but know that I was certainly thinking of all my fiber guys having a fantastic time...

I'm waiting anxiously for the podcast to show up in the archive. :)


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