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August 04, 2011



* Again, sorry about your dad.
* Love the scarf and handspun.
* Agree with you 1000000% about the missing liner notes on downloaded music. I hope some day that will be fixed.


My condolences. It's too bad the rest of your life can't go along smoothly out of consideration for your loss.

Lovely orange yarn. I've got some Fleece Artist fiber in rainbow colors sitting in the stash. I'm thinking to chain ply it. I hope I can do it justice.

L.M. Cunningham

Love the 'gator, both pattern and colour.

Concur most wholeheartedly with your frustration with not having a readalong companion with music, and that's one reason I've not purchased anything from iTunes. That being said, I have the comparative luxury of living somewhere that has several excellent used music places, with CDs at reasonable prices.

Plus there's all my old vinyl I need to digitize yet for the iPod....

(You realize I now feel that I have to get off my you-know-what and blog something too, right?) :-)


Rosemary Buchanan

Hi Ted. I had no idea you were THE Knitterguy! I suddenly feel like I'm related to a celebrity.

Regarding downloaded music...if you purchase and download music from CDBaby you get all the liner notes and cover art too. CDBaby is pretty much all Indie music but that just means "independent" so it covers all musical styles. Did you know Earl McCluskie is a recording engineer with his own recording company? I purchased a CD he produced from CDBaby. The CD was called "Notes Towards" and featured Ben Bolt-Martin and the poetry of Margaret Atwood. I highly recommend it. You can import the electronic download into your iTunes library and play it on your iPod and/or you can burn it to CD.

I really meant what I said when we spoke at your Dad's funeral...we need to get together more than just when someone in the family dies or gets married. Let me know when you're free. I'll make you dinner and we can knit together!



Wow. That's a lot. I'm glad July is over and am hoping August will be much better. The scarf and yarn are gorgeous, I agree with you whole-heartedly about album liner notes, and I'm sending positive vibes your way for you and your family in this difficult time.


Sorry to hear about your dad. The job complications don't sound like a whole lot of fun.

Your spinning is absolutely gorgeous. I consider your spinning posts partially to blame for my desire to spin. I've been spindling for 8 months & I'm buying a wheel soon!


Hey uncle Ted when you buy the whole album in one order from itunes they will give you what is called a digital booklet with your download and it has everything you're missing from the album booklet/cover


Ted, I'm sorry about your dad and everything else that's piled on. I wish you peace and joy going forward...


sorry to hear about your dad.

hope that the support of family and friends (plus lots of knitting and spinning) will get you through this difficult season.

anne marie in philly

my sympathies on the death of your father.

I am just catching up on my fave blogs; it's been a crazy july & august (so far).

smooches (cute alligator scarf too)!

Janet McKee

My condolences on the passing of your dad. Your parents had many years together. I hope your mom is coping. Peace.


Dear Sweet Ted,

I still get chocked up when I hear about your Dad. I know he was having a very difficult time and you were a great son & comfort to him, I am sure. I hope it's getting easier for you without him.

Thanks so much for the kind words regarding the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat. We had an amazing time, thanks to the hard work of my co-planners, Daniel Herrera & Chuck Wilmesher. I'm very luck to know YOU and to have you all as my friends and fiber conspirators.

As others have stated, many times when I purchase music from iTunes, I get a digital booklet which is a PDF containing liner notes, links & images. I hope you are able to locate this in your iTunes library.

Finally, I'm very much looking forward to seeing in person in the Bay Area very soon!



and, of course, I meant "choked up". Can't seem to type very well today. :(


Thanks so much for the link to the Christine Pluhar video - this is music new to me, and marvellous - and also for the alligator scarf!

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