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October 16, 2011



I thought that first shot was sort of cool. I'm sure there's an app that can reproduce the same effect.
Sounds like a good trip. I want to go just for the yarn.


Love the tree colors in your picture at the end.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to my home state.


looks like you had a great trip. From the look of those purple flowers next to the lavender, I'd take a punt on that plant being some sort of salvia or sage.


Thanks for taking us all on a lovely spin through San Francisco, Ted! So glad your back cooperated.


Have you considered the possibility that your camera has been inhabited by Salvador Dali's ghost?


paisley is right. the purple flowers on the right are a type of salvia (sage)--very common here in the bay area. (it can survive not being watered during our dry summers.)

anne marie in philly

get well soon, ted! san francisco is a wonderful city, but very expensive...and prone to earthquakes occasionally.

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